When it comes to amps, there are few companies with more history than Fender. They were selling amplifiers and guitars by the time World War II broke out. And they’re still going strong today.

Fender’s Bronco model offers a number of features that will be appreciated by guitarists of all levels: solid-state circuitry, low power consumption and weight, versatile tone controls, a headphone jack… and it sounds great! This might just be your new go-to amp!

Some History of Fender Bronco

The Fender Bronco was a guitar amplifier produced by Fender. It was the first Silverface amplifier to have the modern-looking “tailless” Fender amp decal, which became a standard feature on other Fenders in the early 1970s. The Bronco was intended as a student amplifier to match the Bronco guitar (1969–75); it was Fender’s smallest amplifier since the Deuce of the early 1950s. The Bronco came in two versions, each with a 6 inch speaker and 5 watts of power, producing 2.5 watts in “Ultra-Linear” mode. This amp actually has a Wikipedia page.

Review of Fender Bronco

The Fender Bronco 40-watt amplifier is perfect for practice, studio, or small gigs. It offers 8 amp models and a 10″ speaker for an incredible range of tones. Onboard FX include Modern Bass Overdrive, Overdrive, Fuzz, Greenbox, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vibratone, Envelope Control Filter, Octave, Step Filter, Delay, Reverb, Compressor plus a chromatic tuner. 24 onboard stored presets allow you to save your creations. The included Fender FUSE software allows for deep editing and customization.

The Fender Bronco 40 is a tiny, lightweight amp with a plethora of inspiring sounds suited to inspire. It’s jam-packed with versatile preset amplifier tones and built-in effects that make it the bassist’s ideal personal practice and recording buddy. Creating, editing, storing, and sharing your sounds is simple using free Fender Fuse™

The Fender Bronco Amplifier is a solid option for those looking to get into a small amp with a lot of great features at a low price tag!


Q: Is the amplifier loud enough for a band?

A: The speaker is only 6″, so it won’t be heard over people talking in the same room, much less an entire band. It’s fine for practicing or small gigs, but nothing more than that.

Q: What kind of power cord does Fender Bronco use?

A: A standard IEC cord.

Q: Does the amplifier have any built-in effects?

A: Yes, there are 8 amp models and 10 different effects to choose from.

Q: Can you connect an external speaker cabinet to the Fender Bronco 40?

A: No, it’s just meant for practicing at home or in a studio.

Q: Can you hook up a microphone to the amplifier?

A: Yes, as well as an instrument or other audio source. It has a standard 1/4″ input alongside a headphones jack.

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