If you’re looking for an electric guitar amp that will give you all the sound you need without taking up too much space, the Fender Mini ’57 Twin-Amp is a great option. This tiny amp packs a punch, and it’s perfect for players who want to take their sound on the go. This article will go over some of the features of this amp and it will help you decide whether or not you should buy one.

The first thing to know about the Fender Mini ’57 Twin-Amp is that it comes with a lot of options. You can choose from several different colors, including Black/Silver, Arctic White, Blonde, Candy Apple Red, Hot Rod Pink, Sea Foam Green, Surf Green, and Brown Sunburst. It comes with two 10-inch Fender Special Design speakers that have been specially made to reproduce the sound of classic tweed amps. It also has 5 preamps modes so you can play different types of music, including country, blues, jazz, and rock.

Equipment for musicians can cover all sorts of different pieces. Depending on your style of play, the instrument and your individual needs, you could make use of many different items. For people that play the electric guitar, a variety of different amplifiers could be useful. Players will need a full-sized amp model for performing and they might want to consider some of the smaller amps for practice. One small amp that is nice and convenient is the Fender Mini Deluxe electric guitar amp.

Features of the Mini Deluxe amp from Fender

When a guitarist goes shopping for an amplifier, they have a vast assortment of different models to choose from. If you are looking for something to practice on, then you are probably going to select one of the smaller models. Though small, these amps can still produce a good sound and they usually come with a nice range of features.

  • 1 watt portable guitar amplifier
  • Battery powered
  • Controls for volume, tone and gain
  • Headphone output

Pros and Cons

What I Like About This Amp

The first thing that surprised me about this amp is how many features it has for its size. It’s incredibly easy to use, but it still manages to sound great. It’s really portable too; you can set it on the floor or even hang it up with the strap holes it has on the back. If you’re looking for a versatile portable amp, this may be exactly what you need.

The Fender Mini ’57 Twin-Amp is small enough to take with you wherever you go, but it’s also sturdy enough not to get damaged when you move it around or set it up in different locations. This is perfect for players who are constantly on the go.

As you would expect, this amp is very light weight. It weighs less than 30 lbs., so even young players can easily move it around wherever they want to play.

This amplifier has a lot of power considering how small it is; most amps of this size don’t put out as much sound. It’s perfect for small gigs at parties or to take with you when you travel.

The Fender Mini Deluxe electric guitar amp is a portable model that does deliver in certain respects. To start, this amp comes out of the box ready to go and it is very easy to use. This is one of the smallest amps that you will find, but is still offers a decent amount of sound and it has a good quality of sound. The control setup on this model is very simple. You have a switch for the power and knobs for gain, tone and volume. Being small and battery operated does make this a great amp for people that want something to travel with. It is small enough to fit in a backpack and the fact that it works off of a battery means that you can play it just about anywhere.

What I Don’t Like About This Amp

One of the only things that I don’t like about this amp is that it doesn’t have a built in tuner, so if you want one you’ll have to get a pedal. If you don’t usually play shows, this really isn’t a big deal.

Since it is a small amp, you should not expect that you are going to get a whole lot of volume out of this model. When it is turned up all the way, it can get pretty loud and the tones are pretty good, but your expectations have to be reasonable for an amp of this size. If you want to check out a few full-size amps, have a look at the Fender Acoustasonic 15 – 15 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier or the Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier.

What is the Fender Mini Deluxe amp good for?

This amp is well made and it does have a nice sound to it, so it should satisfy any consumer that is looking for a small amp. Being this small and light, it makes the Mini Deluxe one of the most portable amps that you will find. The additional fact that it works off of battery power is also nice. If you are an experienced player that wants to keep a little amp with you so that you can practice on the go, then this model should fit your needs perfectly. Additionally, it is inexpensive and easy to use, so it could work well as a first amp for somebody that is just starting to learn.

You wouldn’t buy this amp for its power or versatility, but if you are looking for something that is compact and portable, then you are not going to find many that are better. As a little amp that can go anywhere and still perform well, the Fender Mini Deluxe electric guitar amp is a good value.

Where Can I Buy One?

If you’re interested in buying this amp, you can find it online at places like Musician’s Friend and Amazon . It has a price range of $150 and up, depending on where you buy it and what options you choose.

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