A guitar amp stand, or sometimes a speaker stand, is a device that holds the speaker cabinet for electric guitar amplifiers. In some cases, the amplifier head may be mounted to it as well.

The design of an amp stand has changed over time from simple speaker stands with no feet to more elaborate designs with wheels and height adjustment features.

The most common type of amps are “top-loaded” meaning they have the controls on top which means these stands must have a hole in the center to accommodate them but this also means you can’t stack anything else on top of your amp stand because it would block access to those controls when you need them.

These types typically come in two varieties: one which has four telescoping legs and another which is more like a small wheeled platform.

The wheeled versions are typically cheaper but not as sturdy and the four leg versions can offer much better support in some situations making them worth their higher price tag.

Typically, you’ll see that for pedals, people just stand them up on the ground next to or even right on top of your amplifier.

For several reasons, this is not a good idea as it can block access to the controls and pedals on top of the amp as well as potentially damaging your equipment.

In some cases you might have a keyboard or other piece of equipment that isn’t too heavy that you want to stand up near your amplifier but many times everything you have can’t fit on your amp so for this reason having a stand is useful.

What are the best features of guitar amp stands?

Most of these stands are made with welded steel which makes them very solid and durable, just be sure to check that it’s good quality steel rather than inferior grades which might warp or break easily.

A good foot design is important as this keeps the stand from sliding around or tipping over, especially if it has wheels.

Having an adjustable height can make a huge difference in how convenient they are to use depending on what you have nearby.

If you store your amp in a difficult-to-access place like under a bed, it’s important to be able to pull it out quickly and easily without too much trouble.

Some stands, like the On Stage Stands XSGS50B make these adjustments super easy with telescoping legs that can extend up to 53 inches or even fold completely flat, allowing you to store it under your bed for example.

While not required, many stands come with a carrying bag to keep it safe and protect it from dust when you’re not using it.

Why You Should Use an Amp Stand

If you want to protect the finish on your amplifier, increase your mobility, minimize tripping hazards or even if you simply need more space in your area for pedals and other equipment.

A speaker stand is also convenient for bands that play in multiple venues that require them to set up their equipment quickly with minimal fuss.

Reviews of the Best Guitar Amps 2022

Gator Frameworks High Profile Guitar Amp Stand

Our overall best guitar amp in 2022 is the Gator Framework. This stand is designed to lift your amp off the ground, reducing sound transfer and making it easier to access the controls. Angled towards the user for improved listening, this stand is perfect for combo amps or full-size heads. With a weight capacity of 50 lbs, it’s strong enough to support even the heaviest amps. When not in use, it folds up for easy transport and storage. The rubber-padded legs keep your amp from scratches and sliding while the sleek black finish looks great with any equipment.

On-Stage RS7500 Tiltback Tripod Guitar Amplifier Stand

The On-Stage RS7500 Tiltback Tripod Guitar Amp Stand is a great stand to adjust the tilt of your amp. It is constructed with a heavy-duty steel tripod base that adjusts to accommodate various sized amps. Back leg adjusts to five pre-set locking positions to adjust the tiltback angle, allowing for optimal sound. The stand features a fold-and-go design that is perfect for the road and includes a 5/8″ threaded end allowing musicians to add a mic or boom.

  • An adjustable padded collar, black velveteen rubber amp holders, and a sliding foam-cushioned covering on the upper shaft protect the amplifier from damage.
  • The sturdy friction locking knob allows for quick adjustments of the stand height.
  • Tripod base and non-slip rubber feet maximize equipment stability.

Fender Amplifier Stand, Large

This Fender Amplifier Stand is height adjustable, making it perfect for any size amplifier. The foldable design makes it easy to transport, and the steel construction ensures that it will last through years of use. Rubber feet minimize vibration, and the stand can hold up to 150 lbs.

Quik Lok AMS-BS-625 Amplifier Stand, Black

The Quik Lok AMS-BS-625 amplifier stand is perfect for securely holding small amps and combos with up to two 12-Inch speakers. The full-circle tilt adjustable amp platform allows for exact amp positioning, while the 5 height adjustment positions with spring-loaded locking pin provide a variety of options for the perfect fit.

On-Stage RS7705 Adjustable Guitar Amplifier Stand

The On-Stage RS7705 Adjustable Guitar Amplifier Stand is a double clutch disk that allows you to remove and rotate the support arm assembly. The solid steel double stamped 3″ disk allows for a secure locking position every time. The A-Frame base with 1″ square tubing construction will adjust its floor spread in order to get the most support under your amp. A 17″ base spread and non-slip rubber end caps acting as shock absorbers ensure maximum support. The 11″ support arms feature cushions to protect and grip your gear, while 2″ knobs

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