Musicians may buy all sorts of different equipment for a range of different purposes. With guitarists, the selection of an amplifier can be a very important consideration. However, a person that plays the guitar may need different amps for different situations. You have your bigger amps that are good for performing and your smaller amps that can be great for practice. If you want a nice little practice amp, then check out the Rogue G10 10W guitar combo amp.

Features of the G10 amplifier from Rogue

When it comes to getting the best guitar amp, the consumer has a vast array of different models to choose from. They can come in a variety of different sizes and they might have a range of different features that could make certain models good for different types of play. To get the right model for the individual, make sure to look into the features and the specs before you make a purchase.

  • 10 watt electric guitar amp
  • 5 inch speaker
  • Options for clean and overdrive
  • Controls for bass and treble
  • Output jack for headphones
  • Product dimensions in inches: 10.2 x 9 x 6.1 (H x W x D)

Pros and Cons

The Rogue G10 10W guitar combo amp is a decent little amp that should serve well in certain situations. This amp is fairly simple and it comes out of the box ready to use. Just plug it into the wall and plug the guitar into the input and you are ready to play. The player has the option to play the amp clean or to use the built in overdrive effect and this model comes with a 2-band EQ for making some adjustments to the sound. For a 10 watt model, this amplifier does produce a good amount of sound and it is clear enough to make it workable for when you are practicing. Beyond that, the player also gets a headphone jack for practicing without making too much noise.

This is a smaller amplifier and the sound is a bit on the flat side. When you go with a smaller amp, that is something that you should consider, but consumers should not expect the fullest and richest of tones when they get this model.

If you want to check out some bigger guitar amp options, have a look at the Fender Acoustasonic 15 – 15 Watt Acoustic Guitar Amplifier or the Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier.

Who will like the Rogue G10 amplifier?

If you expectations are reasonable for an amp of this size and price, then you should be more than satisfied with the purchase. It is a very basic guitar amp that can be perfect as a starter model for people that are new to playing. It delivers enough power and it sounds good enough for any person that is just getting the hang of things. Additionally, some experienced players might like this as a cheap practice amp that they can easily travel with.

It certainly won’t be the amp of choice for any player that is looking to get the best sound possible, but that is not really the intention behind this model. It is designed to be an inexpensive amp that performs well enough for some basic play and practice and that is exactly what you get with the Rogue G10 10W guitar combo amp.

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