If you are a musician, then the equipment that you use is going to make a serious difference in regard to the sound. For guitarists, one of the most important pieces of equipment that they may own is an amplifier. Finding the best amp for the job can help you to achieve the sound that you want and some of the smaller models can be good for practice. One of the smaller amps that can be good for some basic play applications is the Sawtooth ST-AMP-10ST-AMP-10 10-watt electric guitar amp.

Features of the 10 watt guitar amp from Sawtooth

If you are shopping for new instruments or equipment, then there is a lot to think about. For amps, you have models with all sorts of different features and they can come in a variety of different sizes. To make sure that you are getting the right amp for your purposes, it could help to look into the features and the specs.

  • 10 watt electric guitar amp
  • 5 inch speaker
  • Controls for volume, gain and drive
  • Master EQ has controls for treble, bass and mids
  • 35 mono jack for input
  • 35 output jack for headphones
  • Product dimensions in inches: 10.5 x 5 x 11
  • 1 year limited warranty from the manufacturer

Pros and Cons

The Sawtooth ST-AMP-10ST-AMP-10 10-watt electric guitar amp is a nice little amp that performs well. The amp comes out of the box ready to go and it is very easy to set up. Just plug it into the wall, plug your guitar in to the input and turn it on. For the size, this model produces a good level of sound. It isn’t going to make the room shake, but it is more than enough for a person that is looking to get some practice or just to play when they are on the go. The sound is nice and clear and this model offers the user a little bit of control to make some adjustments. You have a basic equalizer, a volume control and you can adjust the gain and turn on an overdrive feature. Along with that, you even have a headphone jack to practice without disturbing anybody.

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What is the Sawtooth 10 watt electric guitar amp good for?

You certainly would not use this model as your go to amp for when you need the best sound, but a variety of different players could probably find a place for this in their collection. It is small and light, so it can be good for an amp to keep handy when you are traveling and it could work as a nice practice model for people that are a little more experienced. The players that will probably benefit the most from this amplifier are people that just starting to learn. It is an inexpensive model that can get you started and it serves the purpose.

As a small little amp that delivers decent sound, this is a fairly good product. It may not have a whole lot of features, but it does work well as a basic practice amp. If you are looking to get something that is cheap and portable, then the Sawtooth ST-AMP-10ST-AMP-10 10-watt electric guitar amp is a good value.

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